Customer Reviews
Need another reason to choose Inter-State Studio & Publishing? Take our customer's word for it! It is our goal to make sure you are happy with the entire yearbook experience, from start to finish.
My rep was wonderful throughout this process. This was my first year participating in the yearbook and I was the committee chair. Going in, I felt completely lost, but my rep was supportive throughout, responding quickly to every call and email...I truly can’t sing her praises enough.
- Bridget, James McDivitt School
We love our yearbook rep! She is the best and we couldn’t be happier! We love your product and delivery time, too.
-Laurie, Mary Farmar Elementary
My rep is an awesome representative!! I would recommend your company and her to any school...She was extremely understanding and helpful throughout the entire process!!
-Carrie, Jeffrey Spencer Elementary
My rep is so personable and accommodating with all my needs and deadlines. I have truly been more than pleased with her service. I even have been pleased with the service that I receive when she is not in the office. Due to her service, the quality of the printing, and the pricing of your products, I will continue being a customer of Inter-State Studio.
-Dina, Chastain Middle School
I have worked with many companies and organizations over the years. I can honestly say this was one of the best overall experiences I have had. My rep and every staff member I dealt with were very responsive and knowledgeable. There were no “hiccups”. Everything went very smoothly and best of all, staff and students here are very excited and happy about receiving their yearbooks. Thank you for proving that customer service is not dead and I am looking forward to creating our yearbook with your company next year.
-Lisa, Immaculate Conception School